Wonder Treats– Nashta With Guptaji’s Family.

Why would I want to visit Gupta Ji’s family for nashta?

Well, to be straight and honest, I’d love to have snacks whenever and wherever possible. Just show me some deliciously good pictures of the snacks you made, and I’ll be ready to become an uninvited guest  for your home. (Hope, I’ll Never become an unwelcome one…)

And here… Guptaji’s family boast hundred of mouth-watering recipes and who wouldn’t want to go and have a treat? Not me, never me.

I’d love to go for a nashta with them…

They have snacks made from healthy Kellogg’s corn flakes, which tempt my taste-buds and excite my heart. For a food-lover(mostly an absolute snacks-lover) like me, there’s no day is a better day without snacks. Their wonder collection of snacks… That is both healthy and tasty is one reason I’d go to their home for having those delicious, crunchy treats to my heart’s content.


They have hundred varieties of recipes, that will help me when I need it. Their ‘pass the parcel wala recipe’ ‘movie wala recipe’ and ‘first crush wala recipe’ are my absolute favorites. Their recipes are easy and even someone who can’t cook better (like me! Yes, for a foodie, I suck at cooking…) can do it without much effort. After eating the healthy nashta, I’d ask them for the recipe to bring it back home and get an applause from my family, who thought I can’t do anything better. Snacks made from Kellog’s corn flakes — I promise that I can do it with ease and get a better result. And a family, who will believe my skills. In making cereals. Well… Being good at something is better than nothing!

Their snacks looks deliciously addictive, even in the pictures. Those pictures… I want to magically get that bowl filled with delicacy out of the picture with a magic spell and taste it, now and here. The simple recipes, with tropical fruits tempts me to no end.. I love fruits. I love all the flavors in the fruits. Strawberry, apple, banana, orange… I love them all, and to have them in a bowl filled with crunchy cereals — I am sure I will fall in love with the dishes, just as fast as I eat it.


They have some great recipes, which can help a woman at the time of need. Yes, I am talking about Remote Wala Nashta. When my hubby refuses to give the remote to me, I will distract him with this delicious blend of corn flakes… And get the remote back. I will ask Mrs. Gupta for this recipe, when I go for the nashta. It is a necessity.

I want to eat the ‘First crush wala nashta’ from the moment I saw it in the picure. Walnut cornflakes choco balls – even the name is a temptation. The decadent combination of roasted walnut, dark chocolate (my absolute favorite) and white chocolate with roasted cereals… I can imagine the taste at the tip of my tongue and to say it is a temptation in its purest form is an understatement. I would LOVE to visit Guptaji’s family for nashta, just for this one dish.


I abso-freaking-lutely LOVE cornflakes. I love the crunchy, yummy, simple taste. I love how it is tasty, and at the same time, healthy. I love how I can eat it anytime without having a concern about calories.

Eating is enough to make my day better and to have a day out and eat delicious snacks… Well, I won’t hesitate.

Here I come, Guptaji’s family…
Image credits: Kellog’s india Facebook page, anaaj ka nashta.
Find more about Kellog’s India.

And enjoy the video…

© Ada

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