‘Moto E and I – From Strangers to Best Friends.’

First times… Always to hold,
Beautiful moments, means more than gold.
The first moment a little eye opens.
The first, and best friend who walks in.
The first time I get caught cheating.
The first book that started my addiction.
First moments stay alive in heart,
Even after the decades have passed.
The first kiss on the forehead.
The first holiday trip to Sri Lanka.
The first fall from the bicycle.
And it goes on and on…

I still remember my first phone, and it is a Motorola.
My brother gifted it for me, when I was in tenth.
It was blue and white and created strange sounds
Whenever the buttons were pressed.
There started my journey with phones, and
As time passed, and days changed,
I choose to change with the new trends.
I gave up old, bulky mobiles and
Started with new, smart, sleek phones.

For a girl addicted with smart things,
Smart phones makes me drool.
When I see a new phone, just out,
I would crave to at least have a touch.
And then I’ll desire that. In the end,
Even if it doesn’t make it’s way back to my home,
I’d feel like loving and losing the lover.
It’s that feeling of first love. Or
May be, it is love at first sight?

Too much phones used, discarded,
Too many smart phones thrown away,
Too little time wasted to get a new one,
The routine in my life, always gives one result –
I never get what I wanted.
I never get what I needed.

What do I need?
Much more than just speed.
I need a friend, a companion,
Someone who gets things done
In my stead, Someone who lasts longer, and
Someone who doesn’t die on me when I am in danger.
Or when I am utterly bored.

So this time let me choose wisely,
I don’t know, may be THE MOTO E?
Why would it suit me? My needs?

Lets travel a little bit ahead,
Into the head of the phone.
Lets journey in its nerves, and
Hear it say why I must choose it!

Me: Why would I choose you?

Moto E: Because I am just right for you.

Me: Why would I think you’re right for me,
Do you know what I need? If you do,
Do you have it all and more?
I don’t need just another phone.
I had had my shares of ‘them.’

Moto E: Stop, stop, stop. Let me promise,
I know what I am talking about,
I know my worth and your needs.

Me: Okay then. Go on.

Moto E: Do you love photography?
I know, you’re not a photographer, but you do love it.
I have a 5 mp camera with autofocus.
Clearer pictures for your collections.
Sharper and lustrous pictures that lasts a million decades.

Me: Even the basic phones have 5mp camera,
Sometimes more than that. So how do you think
I’ll fall in love with you just for that?

Moto E: They don’t last longer, but I do.

Me: How do I trust?

Moto E: Buy me, and use me?

Me: It is a trick.

Moto E: I swear it is not a trick.
You’ll fall in love with me,
If not at first sight, then
At the next sights.

Me: That’s arrogance. *grimaces*

Moto E: No, that’s self-confidence, and
They are poles apart. *smirks*

Me: Enough with the unwanted talks,
You’re not sold yet. Time’s running.

Moto E: Well, I heard you hated charging
Every few seconds, and you have a tablet
That gets on your nerves…

Me: Are you spying on me?

Moto E: Not exactly, but close.
And I have something to tempt you with,
I have a long-lasting battery life.
Not eternal, but close. 2390 mAH Li-ion battery.
It won’t die on you when you are in desperate need,
It will be with you most of the time,
Instead the charging port.

Me: I do hate charging frequently.
And while in travel, that lasting
Battery life is an ‘Yes’ to me.
Yes, yes, yes.

Moto E: I’ve 4.5 inch display screen,
Clearer than crystal, it is.
You don’t have to strain your poor eyes.
540X960 pixels. High resolution screen.
Pleasing to heart and eyes.
The book addict in you will enjoy
The sharper, vivid reading experience.
The game addict, will love the real-life
Gaming experience with booming sounds.

Me: You do know a lot about me.
Vivid display, High screen resolution. Booming sounds.
That’s another yes to me.
But… Still, I need more. More.

Moto E: Yes. I have more. I have more than you need.
I heard you’re tired of your phones
Going ‘insufficient storage’ when you’re downloading
A new game or applications or whatever.
Well, I have the best news for you.
I have 8GB inbuilt memory,
And an expendable memory of 32 GB
With a memory card inserted.

Me: Well, well, well. Isn’t that awesome?
Are you kidding? It is more than awesome.

Moto E: I have more to say.
Lots of RAM storage. You can play games,
Read, type a message, browse the web all at the same time,
And my pace won’t slow down like a snail’s.
Faster and quicker. You don’t have to lose patience as often.

Me: Faster, that’s better than the best.
I am starting to admire you.

Moto E: Still in that stage? It’s alright,
I have more to boast about myself.

Me: Self-flattery is the worst of the worst. *roll eyes*

Moto E: I don’t care. As long as you fall in love.
Downloading? How often you download,
I heard, frequently.
Books, games, songs, pictures.
And how is your download speed?

Me: I have to download, put the phone on rest,
Go on with my work and when I come back,
It will be on 22% progressing………….
And I will lose my mind. Grr…

Moto E: I have faster download speed of 21.1 Mbps,
You can watch Korean dramas in YouTube, and Viki
Without having to wait. Live streaming.
Faster downloading. Better clarity.
Isn’t it more than enough?

Me: How do you know I love watching Korean dramas?
Aside from it, you’re starting to seriously sway me.
But… I have a but, yes. I need more.

Moto E: You’re greedy, aren’t you?
I have 1.2 GHz quad core processor,
And it gives better parallelism.
More and more tasks can be paralleled,
Without slowing the UI down.
I bestow lightning fast experience.

Me: Quad core… That appeals to me.
Give me some more.

Moto E: Grand video recording features.
Passing by vibrant butterflies resting
Atop the colorful stretch of blossoms?
Tap, start recording and you can enjoy it whenever you please.
Or, are you crossing a toddler, licking chocolate,
With stains on cheeks, and big smile on lips?
I will help you capture that beautiful moment
And will keep it in memory forever.

Me: Cute kids? Chocolates? Video recording?
I’d love to do that. I’d really love to do that.

Moto E: I have capacitive, multi touch, responsive touch screen.
You don’t have to touch, wait for a minute for it to start.
You touch, you get what you touched. In a jiffy.
Nor do you need to touch again and again. Until your finger hurts,
It gives interactive experience, you’ll feel like
You are having a face-to-face chat with me.

Me: That is what I am doing right now.
Face-to-face chat with you, Moto E!

Moto E: I support 3G, to offer fast downloading.
Has WiFi with hotspot, Bluetooth v4.0, GPS,
A front camera to take the ghost pictures of yourself.

Me: Ghost picture?

Moto E: It is the front camera, but I have to be honest.
Not many front cameras work any better.
That is my one disadvantage. But okay,
I have more pros than drawbacks.

Me: If you say so. I like that you’re honest about the front camera.

Moto E: I am honest. And loyal. I will be your BFF if you choose me.

Me: I will decide it later. Now, you start reciting.

Moto E: I have accelerometer to detect the motion,
Gyroscope to detect rotation and orientation,
And a compass to find N,E,W,S.
Oh, and you can hear songs on the go with FM radio.
And replay the first memories of stealthily
Hearing songs in the radio when you were a kid.

Me: Wow. You’ve swayed me. A great deal.
I hope you won’t disappoint. I hope you satisfy me,
I am going to…

Moto E: Wait… I have things left to say.

Me: Umm? Even more?
That deserves an applause.
You’re magnificent.

Moto E: Thank you for feeding my already bigger ego.
I have the latest Operating System.
Version 5.0. Lollipop. Advanced Os,
Better results.

Me: I love lollipops. *drools*

Moto E: It is not that lollipop, you dummy. It is an OS.

Me: Oh? Well… I know it. Uff…

Moto E: I also have v3 screen protection, with
Corning gorilla glass. Sturdy and not easily breakable.
It will keep me safe from damage.
Finally, moto E offers wide collections of
Customization products and have cool colored
Outer jackets.
You can dress me to your desire and I will be
Your pal, your confidante.
I won’t share your diary entries to others.
I can be your punching bag, when you
Need to release your stress.
I can be your best friend, who always stay by you.
I can be your companion and play with you.
I can…

Me: Enough. Enough. Enough.
I have already chosen you to start my
New smartphone journey with.
Let us be pals. And give me your hand to shake.

Moto E: Well, is your hand clean?

Me: Look at this, you Mr. High and Mighty…
My hand is clean. Don’t be a party pooper or
I will give you a suffocating hug.

Moto E: Hug? No, please. Let us shake hands.

Me: That’s my good boy.

Moto E: I have one last thing to share with you.
I make it possible for everyone to have a smartphone.
I cost less. Only 6999/-

Me: Wow. I’m truly, deeply, madly in love.
In love with you and your awesomeness. *smiles*

Moto E: I told you’d fall in love with me at the next sights. *winks*
And that is how moto E became
my best friend forever and
That’s how we start this new journey of
Travelling along the hard roads, together.

I #ChooseToStart my smartphone journey with new Moto E!
And I didn’t just get a phone. I got a lifetime worth
Of memories. I got a secret companion.
I got a new best friend.
This conversation is held for a contest conducted by Moto e , in association with Indiblogger.

© Ada

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