‘Happiness Is Everywhere.’
   Little things that make me happy.

Happiness is everywhere. But is it easy to find that happiness, when and if we wanted it? Most of us… Put a very high price on happiness. Our happiness are costly and hence, we find it only occasionally. But… Is happiness really costly? Is happiness that rare to find? Of course not… It is all around us. It is easy to find happiness and cheerful smile.

Some of the cheapest things that can bring me enormous smile on my face are all around me. Its almost time for all of us to look up and find that happiness.

For me, there are many things that can scare away a gloomy day. Many things that can put my smile back on face.

Friends — They are my form of life. A way to escape from memory. A chat with them, a call with them, and then talking about the stupidest things in the world can make me blissful. A small message from my best friend can bring me back from the sad, depressing mood. Every small moment with her, even though, not excessively grand, can bring me happiness. My friends are my first, and best source of offering happiness.

Little kids — Little children bring me happiness and joy like nothing else. Their smile, their giggles, their innocent speech… They are miracles from God. Magic. They put a spell on me with a simple smile. I’d look around to find a cute kid smiling, wherever I go. Sometimes, I’d hesitate, because the parents might feel like I am being rude by staring. But I don’t know… Just looking at the kids, smiling at them and getting one smile back… I’d feel happy, even in the most boring situations.

Drenching in the rain — Rain… That’s one of the source of support for me. Whenever it rains, my mood will immediately get better. Walking in the rain, drenching to the bones, singing silly songs, dancing to the tune… I love every moment of it. Rain brings me happiness and joy. Endless stream of optimism and hope. I don’t know why, but from young up until now, rainy days are my absolute favorite. One little drops, kissing my cheeks, can restore me. Revive me. Like the dry grass, and arid earth, waiting for the rain to kiss ’em, I’d be always waiting for the arrival of rain.

Flowers — It’s easy. Finding flowers. On the road side, in the parks and gardens… Beautiful or just plain, flowers calm my agitated nerves. I am found to take pictures of flowers whenever I go outside, that my family members kid me about never taking photos of them. I love flowers. The serene beauty in them. The blissful colors… I just love flowers and they bring me happiness.

These are few of the things that bring me happiness, even when I feel sad, alone and bad. These are the things that can bring me back from depression and make me feel glad and happy.

You can feel happy with the smallest of things, as well. Find them, keep them and enjoy them. Just like I do.

Post written for coco-cola International day of happiness.

Enjoy the video>>>

© Ada

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