‘Together with my BFF.

Best friends are the northern lights. They bring us back on track when we lose our way. -Ada

She is the most important person in my life, and together with her, I have many, many beautiful moments. The moments, that can replace my gloomy mood with a cheerful smile. The moments, that stay brighter than the sun, even after the days, months and years have passed. She is the second woman I admired, next to my mom. Friendship is such a grand feeling, and with her, that friendship is the grandest.

With her, I can smile freely without any restraint.
With her, I can laugh out loud, without fearing any reprimands.
With her, I can cry my tears, knowing she’d never use it later.
With her, I can yell and scream and fight, and she’ll just forgive.
With her, I can be Myself. I don’t have to pretend.

There were many wonderful moments in my life, that became wonderful, just because she was there in it. There were many bad days that became good when I just look at her face and hear her talk.

I remembered this from my school days. It was the day of the exam results for tenth public exam. I was eagerly anticipating the scores, but when it came… It came as a big shock for me. A very big shock. It is not such a bad score, but it was bad for me, because my expectation had been more. I started to think that all my hard work was a waste of time. I started to regret everything and anything. I became depressed, gloomy… And I don’t even have the strength to smile. Even if I want, the tears wouldn’t let go. My mom forced me to go to my friend’s house. I wasn’t in the mood for a friendly banter, nor was I in the mood to hear sympathizing words. But I decided to go anyway. And there she was… Like everyday. The strength and the support my heart needed… I was still sad. Still depressed, but as we continued to talk, I could feel the burden slowly receding. I could also smile, a little. It is her magic.

I don’t know how she does it — Making me smile all the time… But she does. She has that power over me. I have hurt her a million times, and she, me. But, when it is all over, she is the one person I will go to. She is the one person I will need to be together with.

With passing years, we are separated by college studies, marriages… But… It is only by the distance between us. Our hearts always stayed together. Always. We fight. We stretch the simple fight into a war, but our friendship never got smashed by them. Even after a big war, and bloody battle, we’d still be friends and that is the only knowledge that makes me smile.

Once a while, I become absolutely depressed for no reason. I don’t know why I feel so lone and sad, nor do I know what is the reason for that. I’d stroll around, looking sullen and tired. My heart would feel like a crushed tissue. I would start to feel that my life is just an empty shell without any meaning. But… Then there would be a message from her, and we’d start to chat… I’d start with the same gloomy look, but then… Without even realizing it, I’d be smiling. How can she do that???

There are so many occasions like these, where she filled an utterly dark heart and shady soul with golden rays of the sun and silver beams of the moon.

Now she is far away from me. Thousand miles apart. Separated by oceans… Time… Cities… Buildings… It will be difficult to meet her once in a month. It’d be very rare to see her, touch her. But… Even now, I can promise that she’ll always be the same person who bestowed me the smile, when I desperately need it. She’ll always be the best friend, who I met when I was in third standard. She’ll always be the same best friend I can’t give up for anything.

Every moments with her, every little memories with her… They are the boost I need to move forward from the sad and bad days. To smile. To find the new light of happiness. Just being with her can bring me hope, trust and happiness.

Darling friend, You’re the one who can make me smile. You’re the one who changed  my ordinary life into something extraordinary. I loved you yesterday. I love you more today. I will love you more so than today, tomorrow. I love you!
Housing believes in the inimitable power of optimism. We also know that it’s difficult to be optimistic all day, every day; and sometimes we need a little nudge to get back on track!

What’s your story? Who is the one that can make you smile when you’re #together with them? Post in the comments and let me smile.

© Ada

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