A step that changed her life’

It’s been a hard life. A life, which was full of broken splinters, ready to tear her heart apart. She didn’t expect it when she married – of course, she didn’t. Instead, she had rose-scented dreams. She floated on cloud nine, dreaming about a romantic ending to her story. In the dreams, her husband was the one who gave her wings. He was the one who cultivated her talents.
The first day of the marriage she realized her dreams were all that… Just dreams. It didn’t take a lot to recognize his true self. Their marriage had plunged down from the start.

“What is this girl’s problem? She doesn’t know a single thing.” This had become her mother-in-law’s constant grumble.
She knew many things, but those weren’t the ‘things’ her MIL considered things. They were all unwanted talents. Unnecessary waste of time.

Cooking was the only thing she had to do. Her studies were ignored. Her attempts to get a job were scorned.

She became depressed. She became weak. She became different from what she once was.
Once, she was the voice of reason in her home. Voice of courage during her college days. Voice of wisdom for when she worked. But… Here, her voice was muted. She became voiceless.

Once, she was the decision maker in her home, school and work. Here, her decisions went on deaf ears.
Once, she lit up the place she was in. She was the laughter. The happiness. Now, she didn’t have the time or heart to smile or be happy.

Her wings were plucked. Her husband didn’t have time to consider her. He was busy talking with his dad about cricket. Busy slandering her with his mom.

A year passed like this.

She started to lose her patience. She thought that it would change as time passed, as she became familiar. But, then, it didn’t appear to change. It was going steady.

Amidst this, her MIL started to add another to her grumble.

“It had been a year. I want to see my grandson soon.”

“When will you get pregnant?”

As if it was her only destination. Only job.

One day she snapped. It was long due — that snapping.

She decided to move on from this depression. Why would she bear it, just to save a marriage that has no meaning whatsoever?

She decided to take a new step. A new horizon expanded in front of her.

Her dreams… It started to spark alive.

She cut her ties with that family. She had added an additional name, ‘divorcee.’ But that wasn’t a problem for her anymore. People had advised her to think over her decision. They asked her to bear it all, but no. She couldn’t bear it anymore.

She got the job she desired. She started to get higher and higher.

She started to smile. She started to live.

That day when she decided to divorce him was her new dawn. Her new sunshine.

It wasn’t much… But what she gained from that was HER HAPPINESS.
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