Little smile of Sunshine – Life with Kids’

There are many little, silly, sporadic things that makes our darling little ones smile., jump and dance in their own rhythm. There’s never a day that will go boring with kids. Never a moment go wasted with them. In this life, to me, there is nothing more important, nothing more precious than a kid.

They make me happy, smile and when I feel depressed, they can make me immediately better. Just seeing photos of them is enough for me, to bring abundant pleasure.
I don’t particularly have any experience with kids, but while I asked to my friends, they have so many little, cute tales to share, that made me feel exhilarated and made me yearn for a little one. Their antics, their giggles… There would never be anything more glorious and refreshing than that. I believe God has created kids to fill the world with sunshine, love and innocent laughter.

My kid nephew has lot of things that make him happy and laugh louder. Whenever I am with him, I can laugh without restraint.
He sees a goat, and boom, he’d go hyper. He don’t even hesitate to pet it. Goat makes him happy and as soon as he touches the fur, he’d start to giggle. And that… That make us all happy. The second thing he loves the best is breaking all his toys. None of the toy in his bag are whole. They have met their sad end, as soon as he started to play. It is one of his favorite things to do… Slamming the toys on the floor until it breaks, and when that happens, he would clap. Loudly.

Then there’s my beautiful niece. In my home, we have colorful light fixtures. When she comes to my home, I will just switch it on and she would start to laugh and swat on the floor, following the colors. There would be a big smile stretch on her lips… And that is so much better pain-killer than anything. And she is so little, but she has a brother and she loves to sing in ‘things-adult-can’t-understand’ to her bro, and that makes him smile. I go aww whenever I see the video of her singing lullaby 😉 to him.

Some of my friends told me some beautiful tales.

Another one of my niece (my friend’s cutie pie) loves to play peek-a-boo (I love it, as well). She also loves bathing and loves to play with soap bubbles. I am sure the bathroom would look like a war field after she finishes the shower, but… Who cares. As long as she laughs, as long as it put a gorgeous smile on her face, I know, no one will mind the extra works. This friend of mine excels in mimicry. She is definitely good at making voices and she said her daughter likes it when she makes animal sound like dog’s bark (I am sure she does).

Another friend said her daughter likes it whenever she gives surprise gifts such as chocolates. That is one smart little girl. 🙂

One friend said her handsome guy loves to play with thread. Yes, thread. It’s so cute, I was smiling when I heard that.

To end it all… Kids makes life better. Even with little things they do. But, they have to be happy to make us happy, because if they’re not, our smile will also fade.

Early morning, some kids wake up with tears. What might be the reason? Hunger? Wet diaper? To make the little ones smile with sunshine, use the diapers that doesn’t hurt their baby soft skin. Use diapers that will keep them dry, happy and comfortable. Dry baby, is indeed, a happy baby.

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Don’t use irritating diapers, soggy ones and disappoint them so early in the morning. Feed them properly, dress them with appropriate clothes, wear good diapers and let them stay blissful, happier, healthy and beautiful.

And let them spread the smile of sunshine.

This post is written for indi happy hours campaign, in association with Pampers Diapers.

Enjoy the video >>

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