That Message

Some of the simple things can make a big difference in our life. Some simple things will leave greater impact on our hearts, and can stay with us forever. These things, the person who has done these things wouldn’t have even imagined how far their action/word can alter us to be a better person. How their simple word of trust can make us to move forward and strive hard.
I have an unknown person… Who has made an impact in my life. I didn’t know her name. Nor her face. Nor did I know how her voice sounds like. All I knew is that she is someone who has forced me to strive hard. To go forward.
It was the time after I lost my baby. It felt like I have lost the biggest part of myself. It felt as if I wouldn’t survive from the darkness. I knew it was going to be hard for me. It was going to be hard, because I had to face it alone. Even if I put a brave smile on my face for all to see at the dawn of the day, when the dusk closes the world, I had to cry. Alone. It was the darkest, most depressed part of my life.
After that, I started to feel empty. Void. A bottomless pit of nothingness in my mind, where once voices existed. Where, once, beautiful words existed.
Words were my magic. That one piece of fire that would light my dark days, but then… After I lost my child, I just couldn’t imagine writing. I couldn’t even imagine imagining anything.

A sad end.
I had been dreaming of writing a full length novel. Publishing it. But… After this cruel ending to my child, I didn’t even want to get up, so how would I think of writing happy things. Even more, how could I write a novel, when my words had dried?
I scribbled one final piece of letter. A goodbye letter to my baby, who has never seen this world. And words. I posted it on Wattpad. And forgotten about that. As well as writing.
I had given up.
After someday, I received a mail in my inbox. I ignored it at first, but then I had to open it.
I couldn’t remember much.
But this unknown girl… She had taken her time to write to me and she had said that she hoped to see me writing more. She also said that my child would be there in heaven, waiting for me. She promised me that it’d get better.
I wanted to shout. ‘ how did you know it will get better?’
She continued, ‘God knows the best.’
Of course, God knows the best.
She also wrote, ‘your words have given me smiles. And happiness.’
I wanted to cry.
She wrote , ‘I hope you get the same happiness from your words.’
I cried. For the lost child. For the words I lost. For the hope I lost.
She ended it with a, ‘Hope one day you start to write. Write more and more. To make us and yourself happy.’
I closed the mail. Ignored it. And went on with my business. Sleeping. Crying. Feeling miserable.
It didn’t stop.
As I stopped writing, the pain seemed bigger. I opened her mail again. Read it and started to write. All about my lost baby. About that day of my life.
Suddenly, the burden in my heart weighed less. It started to dwindle as I continued to write. It lingered, but the burn and intense misery became manageable.
I started to write again. Again.
I couldn’t find the sender of that mail. Nor did I know her name.
But that message…. It had made me look up. Made me look up, and find the rainbow of happiness. Made me start to write.
It made me smile. It filled me with optimism. And hope.
Thanks for that message…

This story is written for indi happy hours, as a part of Look up stories

© Ada

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