My pole star – My Mom’

There are people on our life, who can define us. Who can make us into something more than just a mere part of this world. Who can make our insignificant self into significant ones. These people can find the hidden treasure in us, push us to a greater extent and will stand with us in every one of our achievements. And failures. They can trust us, even when we don’t trust ourselves. They can believe in us and our greatness, and will support us to achieve the impossible.

My mom is that person who provided me a gateway towards success. She stood with me through all. She stood by me, with her words of encouragement and support. She was my source of encouragement, my own source of will-power and strength.

There were many a times when my life came to a standstill. A hard obstacle, preventing me from moving forward in the race. I had stopped at those times, filled with hopeless sigh. I had stopped moving and became frozen on place. But then… There she was, pushing me from behind. With her words. With the strength she gave me with her love, I wanted to move forward. Just to prove her I can. Just to show her that I respected her trust in me.

When I started writing initially, there were people who didn’t understand my need to write. They couldn’t understand why I wasted my time in writing. It, according to them, is useless. But then there is my mom. She told me that I should do what I loved to do. She told that I should trust myself and traverse that path that is supposed to be mine. She gave me power. She gave me the thirst to achieve. I wanted to succeed, because of her. I wanted to stand on my own, to gain something better, to make my life more than what it is now, just because I wanted to show her I can. I needed to show that her trust in me wasn’t a waste of time.

She made me self-reliable. She molded me into a better person that I originally was. She was my pole of support. My strength. My wings. She brought the best in me and she curbed the worst part of myself. She sowed faith and hope in my heart and she cut away the unwanted doubts that pestered me.

When I finally published my first novel, she was the first one to cheer for me. She felt sad, because she couldn’t understand English. She asked my sister to read it and tell the story to her. It was all a beautiful and memorable feeling for me.

My mom is the one person who has always supported me, even when I stopped supporting myself. She is the one who believed in me, when I didn’t.

Mom, I love you. Though I didn’t say it out loud, I am definitely grateful to have a mom like you.
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This post is written for indi happy hours campign, conducted by HDFC Life in association with indiblogger.

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