‘Easy and effortless selling & buying with Quikr NXT’

Quikr has been a great help in many areas of our life, making life easier and stress-free… With just a click. The greatest of classifieds ads… It has a wide range of sellers and services. From interior decorators to teachers… From packers and movers to plumbers… And it has wide range of products, as well. Quikr has made problems and trouble happening in the households easily solvable, with a help of just the computer. How can you not feel as if you’re the Queen, if you can sit at the place and magically bring everything to your doorsteps, with a single click of the mouse. Tap tap. Click click. And there it is, everything you need within your reach. Quikr indeed is one pf the best sites out there, and Quikr can make a common person feel powerful.

And… Here is a next new addition added to quikr to make it more friendly and easy… For introverts who shy away from having a phone conversation — like me. QUIKR NXT. What’s so new and so best about this?

1. You can deal everything in a chat window


Buying or selling, we can finish the transaction in messages. No need to try to remember all the points while talking, or wondering what you’ve missed saying. No need to spend your mobile balance to talk to the buyers or sellers. We can take our time to share the details and all other necessary information without missing them. It is also easier to type details in a brief, but understandable format, so that the buyer can understand about the products without a doubt. And most of all…there will be no glitch in communication. No ‘pardon me’s. No retelling the same story because the person at the other end can’t understand you.

2. Keep track of the transactions and all the details


With chat history, we can make sure there is nothing missing in the deal. We can have all the messages we shared in the chat history and if and when some confusion crops up, we can cut it off by going through the chat history of the transactions.

3. Keep the numbers safe and secure.


It has always been my fear to share my numbers on a public field, wondering what would happen if it is being misused by unwanted people. And this is the most admirable and great feature in Quikr NXT – Privacy. Safety. You can keep your number safe from everyone else. The will be kept safe and it will not reach any harmful people. And you can do the job without any strain or stress.

4. Share the photos of the product or the job


In Quikr NXT, the seller can share multiple photos of the products or the jobs they are offering, to make it look more promising. Sharing photos can strengthen the consumers faith and trust and it can add glitter to the job and the conversations. We all love to have something visual to understand, no? This will be a great and grand and user-friendly addition to quikr NXT.

And why I would go for quikr NXT is very simple.
1. I will make sense over a written message than a spoken one. It had always been my drawback… I write better than I talk. I can easily conceive words to write than to talk.
2. I have always feared sharing mobile numbers.  I have my shares of unwanted calls and harassing ones. I always think twice before entering my phone number on any field. So this will be great for me.
3. I can keep track of all the details, without missing necessary information. I am forgetful at times, so the chat history can help me remember.
This post is written for #indihappyhours campaign, held by indiblogger on association with Quikr NXT.

Ps. All the photos from quikr. ©Quikr

© Ada

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