Playing Cupid.

Is it really necessary to have a date? I mused as I stepped into the park. Not really, but… I looked around. The place was filled, and I could immediately see pairs flogging the benches and bushes. They all looked wrapped in their own world…. Pushing me away. I looked alien and alone, but it was not the real problem. I sighed. How lucky would it be, if my crush –was that word too young for my age?– could see me!!!

But, he doesn’t even know I exist, I muttered and let my eyes wander, searching for the familiar face. My BFF said she would be here and she needed help.

From me? What help? I thought and walked around. I found her sitting with an ice-cream cone and marched to her.

“Hey Zoya, come, sit.” She said and patted the place next to her. I did and waited. Not much into beating around the bush, she came to the point.
“I want you to help me in asking out…” She hesitated, looked around and smiled. “…him.” I didn’t need to ask who was him.

“He would ask you out, you know… Why did you want to do that?” I asked.

“This time, I wanted to do something a little bit different. He was the one who always had to put effort. Love is a balanced relationship, no? I want to make the day special for him.”

“Makes sense. Sure, I will help.” Shouldn’t have done that before asking her about the deal.

“You know… He works in…”

“I know. I work there too. And you work there too. Will you please come to the point?”

“I want you to give him an invitation for dinner.”

“Easy peasy.” I flipped my hand and gave her a cocky smile, which fell down like a crunched flower…

“You know… How he likes Batman?”

“Yeah, I know, Katj, just tell me what it is?”

“I want you to hand him the invite wearing…”

“No, please, don’t continue, because I’d anyway say NO. A big no, no. You can just stop with this. Your fiancé won’t mind it if he has to do it again this year.”

But no. Katja was stubborn and she knew some of my weakest points. I was her friend from… Since I know what friendship is.

That was how and why I was standing in front of Mukunth’s cabin, itching to scratch my hot back. People threw a frantic glance my way. Mukunth shifted and stared at me. “Zoya?”

“Ssh, tone it down. I don’t want anyone to know its me…” I hissed and handed him the card, which was decorated in dark black. My wings made it hard to hand over the card, but I did the job with ease. Practice makes perfect.

He looked at me, back at the card and his face split into a big grin. Worth watching… I gave a discreet look at Nina, my other friend, who was recording Mukunth’s expressions.

“That… Thank you. Where is she?”

“It is tomorrow. Not today.” I gave a bow and left, only to collide with… Who else… Him.

“Umm sorry.” I stuttered and tried to move past. He grabbed my hand.

“Mind joining me for a second?”

Really? He have to notice me when I was like this!

“Yes. No.”

“Umm, just a minute.” His voice was soft and persuading.

“But… Can’t we talk sometime else? I am in a hurry.” I want to scratch my back, and my entire body.

“Do you want to go on a date? Tomorrow? So I have to wear a costume to ask you out, as well?” His eyes smiled.


“You don’t want to?”

“No, you don’t have to wear a costume. Why suddenly?” I looked at him.

“I realized it would be stupid to postpone it any longer. Your face is hidden, and I know I can talk without stuttering like this. It is good you wore this, you know…. I… Do I sound like a coward? It is just that… I like you and want to get to know you. More.”

Well. It was the largest conversation we had. On personal level. I silently thanked Katja and her weird schemes. Sometimes Playing Cupid Games can help you, as well.

This post was written for CloseUp Cupid games.

© Ada

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