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An Ode to Chocolate

Maltesers (my fav choco) gifted by my friend

‘An ode to chocolate’

When I am weighed down by burdens,
When I am soaked with happiness,

There are times, you
Act as a healer. Healing
All the broken pieces,
Fixing it with your sweetness.

There are times, you
Stay as a confidante. Sharing
My victories and success,
Adding meaning with your warmth.

People may laugh,
They may point out that
I am just being stupid, but
There really is something special
Between us.

A longing beyond comprehension,
A bond unbounded by any limits,
A love far from some definition,

Dear chocolate,
I don’t know when you
Came into existence, but
I am thankful you came.
Stayed and made my
Life a little bit better.


© Ada


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