‘The Pinocchio Syndrome/ Truth Vs Lies.’

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“If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.” 
― Mark Twain

 When I was young, and even when I grew up, I have this fascination with lies. The way they work. The way they can grow up into a big oak, suffocating you from within. The way they can make a simple thing into a complicated mess. So, why do we still tell lies? What forces us to do that? Is it precaution or escapism?

I love the movie Pinocchio. The way the movie affects young minds and guide us through such fact with its simplicity, is what made it my favorite. The Pinocchio Syndrome is fantastically crafted in the movie. I always imagine Pinocchio’s nose as his conscience and the growing of his nose symbolize his guilt. It is kind of true, as well. If we have the conscience that scuffs us for a single lie, then a lie is not worth saying. Never worth saying.

I remember this incident in my school days. I didn’t do homework in my Math class. I had forgot to do the homework due to some reason. My teacher asked me where my notebook was… Instead of saying I didn’t do it, I chose to lie, though deep down, I knew it was wrong to lie.  I said I forgot the note at home. She asked me to go back home and bring it now and all the while my note was inside my bag. The situation became going in wrong tangent and I was even more scared after telling the lie and realized how it would have been better if I had said I forgot. She knew I was lying.
I really shouldn’t have..l
Now, we used to laugh about that incident whenever we talk about old tales. My friends and I would laugh at how I reacted that day. But that made me realize one important thing – That lies are never easier.

‘Honesty is the best policy.’ They taught this proverb over and again in the school days, but then, we have never learnt to be honest, sometimes even with ourselves and that is the worst case scenario. Some of us are still lying to ourselves, about work, home, job, even though we knew that it was a lie, we still continue to do that. It is sad, and depressing. And most of all, it is destructive.

“I’m not upset that you lied to me, I’m upset that from now on I can’t believe you.” 
― Friedrich Nietzsche

That is what happen when we choose to lie to our loved ones. After a while, the lie would sprout its ugly head from the burrow… but, then it maybe too late for our regrets and once a friendship or a beautiful relationship will get beheaded by the sharp lies. Lies are never a solution for any problem.

There are these lies they call as white lies. It is even better to avoid those kind of lies, as well, and use truth, if it can be done without hurting others.

Lies are difficult to keep. Difficult to withhold. Lies make us feel burdened and let us drown, so why can’t we choose the easier out of the two — the truth?!

Here is a poem I written on lies long before:

‘Free of Burdens’
Wash your lies,
Away with
Cleansing truths.
Find that wave
Of honesty,
And a way
To float. Free of burdens.
Don’t let
Lies drown you.

Next time you lie, think twice. I will do that, as well, thinking twice before lying.

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