A Jolly Ride in A rainbow-pony

  • A happy outing with kids can become the happiest one!

A vacation with kids is really a fussy and tiring job – as you have to become a personal tracking satellite to watch all their actions without missing them anywhere, but it can also be the best and most exhilarating experience, as well. With kids, the stress in the day-to-day life can be forgotten… so how is it possible not to enjoy a vacation with your kid by your side?!

To plan a holiday for your baby can be somewhat tedious, as you have to make sure every place you visit is safe for your young ones, but once all the planning is done and once you board the plane, train, ship or bus, there will be no scarcity for laughter, jokes and bubbling happiness. Of course, life really is better with an innocent, chubby, adorable child by your side! At least, it is to me.

Unlike the grownups, the kids don’t need many things to amuse themselves; they can make the boring, most ordinary outing to something precious.

In a beach, give them the beach sand and a shovel and they will happily become an architect. The way they play with the waves… the way they catch the crabs and then complain about stinging, stinky creatures… the way they collect shells, conches, star fishes like they are the greatest of treasures – I have seen it all when we went to beaches, hauling the kids from our family out. I also had my shares of outing to the beaches when I was a kid and I could still recollect every one of those pleasurable moments, now and wish to go back. Why do we have to grow up? I will give the pleasures of shopping, extravagant restaurants for a simple outing to the shores to collect shells!

Many parents have to think twice before they bring the kids to the shopping mall. If you go to a shopping mall, make sure they have a kid-cart-trolley and they will be fine or at least, in my experience I have watched them being fine. Give them a jolly rancher lollipop and they won’t make a noise, unless it is over.

Two balls, a bat or a doll can appease the kids. As long as there is a rainbow-pony ride or a colorful carousel or a jumping air-balloon slide, they will be content and say that their vacation was better than anything else. Oh, and don’t forget to add a cup of ice-cream and cotton candy, if your child has sweet tooth.

A zoo is one of the best places to bring your kids, when you are out on a vacation. The sight of animals, crawling snakes, sunbathing crocodiles make them happy than anything else. When we recently went to Mysore Zoo, my lil bro was so zealous to visit and say hi to each and every animal.

A ride in the boat is also one of the favorite activities of my kid-nephew, but in the boat ride, we have to be extra keen on watching. It might be dangerous, but it can also be a wonderful and grand ride, much better than the one in a cruise, with a kid by your side. Chilly winds, drizzling water, and chattering kids — what’s better than this to make you holiday a gleeful-day?!

There’s another advantage of bringing a kid along on the vacation: easy to find an acquaintance. Since, kids don’t think twice before talking and mingling with other kids their age, they can be the bridge between another mother and you, be the bridge to cross the gap between the both of you. As you let your children play together, watch with laughter and share jokes about your kids, you’ll find it is a fulfilling job – boasting about your own kid. This method is easier to find a companion to chat when you feel alone and can make the joy of the outing twofold.

So yes… next time you take a vacation, pack your kids along and see the difference.

Happy vacation and have a jolly ride in a rainbow-pony.


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