With Blood Drenched Hand…

 – An Ode to the death of humanity. With Tears. #PeshawarAttack


When his Ammi sent him off to school,

With a kiss, a box filled with all of his favorite dish,

She wouldn’t have realized that this is his final journey…


When his Abba drops him off at the door,

A good bye, and the money to buy the sweets he wants,

He wouldn’t have recognized that this is his final good bye…


When his bahen adjusted his tie before he went,

Smiling at him, reprimanding how he is still a grown-up child,

She wouldn’t have though that is her last chance to tie his necktie…


When his bhaa’i fought with him for the console,

Saying angry things before he went to school,

He wouldn’t have known that’ll be the final fight before he die…


What did they do? These guys…

Who are ripped out of the chance to see the world,

In its beautiful days…


What did they do? These children…

Who are beaten to death before they can understand,

The meaning of life…


Prepare some tasty feast, dip it in the blood of the dead.

And feed it to the brutal mind, feed it all, bones and blood,

Eat some more! Does it taste so good?”


Let them celebrate… what they think of their victory,

With blood drenched hand,

Let them celebrate the death of humanity.


Let them celebrate, with blood drenched hand,

In the blood and tears of the millions,

Let them celebrate, now, with evil smiles.

For they will soon meet their punishment for all the sins.



Another poem to slap terrorism: Blood Red Tears

It is always a bad news whenever these things happen. When the Futures of a nation, When the future Ummah was robbed out of their lives, for no reason. Revenge, thirst for blood… Who gives the right to kill an innocent soul? Who gives the right to these Brutal minded people, who use Allah’s name. These are not Muslims. They will never be Muslims.

 Allah will punish them for their sins. They should be waiting with fear for that time to come to them…

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