Fated to Meet

When his mom woke him up early in the morning and ask him to go and meet the bride she had chosen for him, he had only one thought running in his mind: who in the hell want to meet some bride in this awfully early morning, and that on a weekend, when I have no desire to marry?

“What is with this, mom? I want to sleep.” He pulled his blanket up to his face.

“She is in Mumbai only for two days and her schedule is full. So she can meet you only at this time, right when she arrives at airport.” His mom said as she pulled the blanket down.

“Mom, really? I’ve no desire to marry, not so soon. Can you just call her and cancel the appointment and ask some taxi driver to pick her up? I don’t want to be a chauffeur, at least not today.” He was starting to get impatient.

“That’s rude. If you don’t want to marry, it is okay. Can you just pick her up? I’ve already promised my friend that you’ll pick her up from the airport.”

“Mom… why do you make promises without consulting with me?” He dragged himself from the bed with a scowl, brushed and wore his jeans and a button-up shirt.

“You’re going like this? You don’t want to shave that appalling stubble? You look like a homeless person.”

“What is wrong with being a homeless person? Or that princess will not drive in the same car as me?” He knew it was stupid to shower his unpleasantness on that unknown girl, but, who asked her to come to Mumbai this early?

“I don’t have patience to talk with you. Now go.”

“I love you mom, but next time… make sure I’m willing to do be a driver.”

“Don’t tell that I didn’t warn you after you see her. I’ve asked you to look presentable, you rejected it.”

“Whatever.” He started the car and growled along with the engine. His eyes were begging him to sleep, but no, he had to go and drive some stranger from airport to wherever she had to go.

What is her name? How will I find her without knowing her name?

But he didn’t have to wait for so long. Someone tapped at his shoulder and when he turned around and found the familiar twinkling brown eyes… he couldn’t help but grin and curse his luck, all at the same time. Did he have to look like this to meet her after five years?

“Tanya, it is you. I didn’t expect it to be you.”

“I thought we can go and dine in some restaurant, but look at you.” She scrunched her button nose. “I am going alone, Dev.”

“Hey, please Tan, can you give me twenty minutes?” He used his most charming smile.

“Ten minutes… that is all.” She frowned at him. “Go. The time starts now.” She twisted her lips and tapped at her watch.

He walked to the nearby shop and brought Gillette razor and Gillette gel, used the men’s restroom in the airport to shave the stubble away. When he was done, he finger combed his hair with water and looked at himself in the mirror. The shave was smooth and it only took him minutes to make himself presentable.

She looked amazed for a moment as she stared at him. “How?”

“That’s magic.” He winked and she laughed.  “Do you want to accompany me now?”

“Of course, who wants to miss the opportunity to flaunt a handsome man?” She teased.

“Thank you, your majesty.” He bowed.

As he walked with his childhood crush and the first girl he had ever loved, he thanked the fate for bringing her back to him and making him meet her. He hoped with all his heart, that this breakfast would be the start to a long string of breakfasts, lunches and dinners, and her beautiful smile proved him that she was hoping the same.


This post is a part of #WillYouShave activity at BlogAdda in association with Gillette.

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