Finding Love, Again… 

Saran was tired; the job was taking its toll on him and so was the marriage. It was going down the ruins – he could feel it in his bones. He didn’t feel the same spark he’d once felt with her. The marriage seemed empty now and too monotonous. He rubbed his eyes; he was going to end this soon. Though it pained him to do so, he should.

“Hey, are you alright? You seemed tired. Do you want a cup of coffee?” Nita’s voice was concerned; but instead of calming him, it sent irritation through his bones. She was always concerned about him, even when he talked and said hurting things. She was hell-bent on seeing the good side of him. The side that was becoming more and more unnoticeable.

“No thanks.” He closed his eyes. Nita was his love, his only escape for 5 years now. He loved her, though their marriage was planned by his parents. But as days passed, he couldn’t feel the same love for her. He couldn’t enjoy the passion he once felt for her. That raging, all consuming passion.

“Saran, come on, you can talk with me. Is it work?” She probed, as her soft hands touched his shoulders, kneading and massaging. He closed his eyes as her fingers worked magic on his knotted muscles.

“Nothing. All I want is a moment of peace.” He grouched and pushed her away. She looked at him, hurt and wounded. Her eyes closed and he could see the drop of tear trailing down her cheeks. When he first married her, he had promised her father that he would never make her cry. However, here he was, silently watching as she cried in hurt.

“Peace… I will give it.” She walked away. He closed his eyes and fell asleep.

The next morning he woke up to the sight of his 4 years-old son.

“Appa, where is mama? I am hungry.” The little boy looked scared and alone. Saran felt the same the moment he realized she wasn’t here to wake him up with a cup of hot coffee. More importantly, she wasn’t here to greet him a ‘good morning’ with a bright smile that would put the sun to shame. During breakfast, when he sat with his son, he couldn’t swallow the food. She wasn’t here to lovingly pile his plate with food.

For the first time, the routine in his life seemed altered. For the first time, he realized how life would be without her and felt the instant fear gripping his heart.

“I’ll cook for you. Your mama is out with friends.” Even as he said that, he started dialing his mother-in-law’s number. When he heard Nita wasn’t there, he said some stupid excuse and hung up.

Now… his heart was beginning to twist and turn.

“Papa? What is this?” When Saran looked up, he found a slip of paper. He pulled it from his son and with fear thundering in his heart, he opened the letter.

Dear hubby,

It has been five years. Five years till we entered in this new ride. We had our highs and the lows, but you stayed by my side. I would often sit alone and wonder how this is possible. How this kind of love is possible…

I once hated the marriage with you. Once felt that I didn’t deserve this kind of lousy ending. What I wanted was something big and fancy. Something that would make others go ‘Awww’ over it. But all I got was you… my parents had chosen.

But along the way… I fell in love with you and your character. Every little thing you did for me… they made me realize that love is not about big and fancy thing that will exhilarate us. But… love is that thing, which will make us content. I feel content with you.

The tales I read… even though our love is not that grand, I also know now, that our love’s a fairytale in its own right, with enough flaws, but still perfect. And… you, my dear, are my destined prince, designed just for me.

Your little deeds for me – it strengthen my love for you- the love that is not so very exciting and thrilling like a rollercoaster ride, but more along the lines of comforting and soothing like an old tattered, beloved teddy-bear.

You have seen me in my ugliest moment; yet I know you never felt repulsed. You were there in all my hard days, as a constant support, a reminder- that you will be there in the future. You can make me smile, even when I’m upset. You are my medicine when I’m in pain; my anti-depressant when I’m in misery.

You made me see, love is not always about extraordinary deals, like a big bunch of flower and romantic candle-light dinner; but it can also exist in more basic things, like a simple good morning kiss or a cup of noodles when I’m tired to my bones to cook.

I love you. I love you so much.

However… I don’t know what had happened between us. These few months, we have always been moving past each other and I can feel that we are rushing towards an end. I don’t want that for us. We are too perfect together to meet that end. You are the Ying for my Yang.

Can you talk with me? Share? I will be there to listen! I know we can cross this hurdle as well and came out victorious.



He wiped away his tears. He knew what to do after reading the letter. The divorce notice he tentatively prepared first went into the trashcan. Then he started cleaning the house and readying his wife’s favorite dinner.

“Sunil, papa and mama have to do some soul-searching… you…” he didn’t even finish.

“I can stay with granny.” He kissed his son on his forehead.

Later that night, when Nita came home, the house was pitch-black. There were no traces of the two important men in her life. She searched for the light switches. Before she could though, some distant light started to flicker. One by one, the place became filled with candles.

“Welcome home.” He pushed his hand forward. There stood her prince in all his glory. She felt tears, but this time… it was happiness. “This time, I promise to hold your hand and never let go.”

She hesitated, but he was fast to grab her hand. His fingers mated with hers and she felt relieved. Like all her burden had been lifted off of her shoulders.

His fingers travelled to her cheek. Wiping the remnants of tears away with a gentle caress.

“I was so afraid.” She choked on her words.

“I am sorry, Nita. Sorry for being foolish. Forgive me.” He pulled her closer and kissed her on her lips. Gentle and full of love. “Finally home.”

“Yes. Finally.” She embraced him as both their tears melted together into a beautiful smile.




This post was written for the contest #BringBackTheTouch by Parachute Body Lotion with indiblogger.


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