A Tour Thru’ My Dream Home! 

— Creating a 24K living house…

All of us have a dream to create a haven that we love to reside. I am no different from that. I use to dream of having a small, quaint cottage with beautiful floor and wall decorations. A place that I can call home. A place that will provide warmth and happiness.

Whenever I see a beautiful picture of houses on calendars, I cut the pictures and save them. That is how crazy I am about homes.

If I have a chance to design my own nest and that… without any concerns about the cost!!! Well… I won’t hesitate if I get that opportunity. It’s sad that I can make my home only with my words. However… I am not losing hope. One day or the other, I will have a chance to make this dream come true.

Let me give you a tour through my dream home. Welcome!

A home is a place where happiness is born and love is treasured. It’s a place, which will wait for you after a long tiring day. And the most important thing about the home is its walls and floors. Even the simplest of walls and flooring can give a feeling of comfort.

A romantic atmosphere is what I am looking for. A place, which can induce my imagination and creativity to make better novels. A place, which can be inviting and friendly and gives me the feeling of simplicity and beauty.

As I surf through the site, I find ceramic Parquet most suitable for my taste. I always love to have wood textures on the walls.

“The natural properties of this essentially ceramic material give ceramic parquet by Porcelanosa several advantages over traditional wood parquet, while still retaining the warm and inviting appearance of wood.”

When I read this particular line, I know… this should be mine! I don’t need to think twice about this choice. This VENIS-Montreal-Vintage selection caught my eyes and I fell in love with this at first sight.

Beautiful Start for a beautiful haven…

And then to the floor tiles…. They must be anti-slip. I am prone to accidents 😉 So here is my choice! Tavola Foresta Anti-slip flooring, with its striking texture.

Don’t Wanna Slip! Try these…

A kitchen is the important place in the home… where… our mom can create the delicacies and we can eat. These days… I am cooking as well. It is a place where we can share our love through dishes. A beautiful kitchen can inspire us to make wonderful dishes.

A functional and a beautiful kitchen… that is a pleasure to have!

Worktops in the kitchen is the most important of all. This Coina-blanca-A952, not only does it look trendy, it also looks useful.

Trendy place to chop… mix… and cook!

For Kitchen Furniture, this stylish arrangement… of Cocina-Gama-Decor will make my kitchen neat and modish.

Beautiful place to create dishes!

The choice for taps goes to… this…

Beautiful additions…

In the backyard, I will add this mesa-seven, so that I can enjoy occasional chats-over-snacks with my friends and family. A grand and quaint addition!

A place to chat with snacks!

The Next stop is the bathroom. Tiled and walled with VENIS_Montreal_Noce. I always want to have a large bathroom filled with beautiful accessories. Don’t ask me why… I am weird like that. I want to have a huge tub, a beautiful basin, grand furniture, since I spend hours on showers.

Rich and grand texture…

My basin selection is obviously… this one! This beautiful and classy basin… if I have it, I will spend minutes washing my face and hands!

Can’t stop washin’

 The most important thing I want… is a comfortable and large bathtub.

“Has a wide range of hydro massage bathtubs that combine different equipment, such as water or air jets and chromo therapy systems, designed to revitalize, tone and relax the body.”

My choice of tub is this – for black is my all-time favorite and it can add class to the bathroom and I want one with air jets to help me relax…

banera-almond-negro -black
Can even fall asleep!

Next to the tub, I want to have a stand to hold some selection of books. So that I can relax and read, at the same time. So I will have this rack… to stuff some books, snacks, towels and all the other necessities in one place.

Stand 4 all

Don’t we all enjoy to drench in the rain… sing and dance? How wonderful it would be to have a rain dance within your bathroom. I love rain and hence… this shower head will be a wonderful addition to my bathroom.

Rain… whenever I want again!

The last stop is my wardrobe. This beautiful piece can keep all my dresses and shoes…

A place to make yourself!

If I ever have a chance, I will make my home just as beautiful as this… with these enchanting piece of furnitures and accessories.


This post is written for Indi Happy Hours campaign held by Indiblogger, in association with Porcelanosa.

Ps. All the pictures are from Porcelanosa

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