‘Sweet & Sour moments.’

— moments and memories that makes a difference.

Without saddening moments, we will never understand the true beauty of ecstasy. Happiness and sadness are like the two faces of a coin. Without one, there is no real meaning to the other.
They all say time heals wounds. I don’t believe in it. Sometimes, we all are advised to let go. I know… Easier said than done. People often counsels to forgive and forget. Yeah, forgiveness comes easier than forgetting. Our brains are made that way… To retain troublesome and depressing memories. It won’t fade with time. It is not a written words on paper – it is a carving made in stone. So? What to do? We have to accept them and move forward to see our ultimate ending. Standing at one place won’t help us.
Yes. We all have beautiful memories, which we cherish even as time leaps ahead of us. These memories — a sunny evening with laughter, fighting for silly things with friends, chattering about useless matter, drenching in the rain, a sudden rainbow, a surprising gift from the lover… — they make life interesting. These moments make us to take a detour from the normal boring route we often take. Whenever we think of them, we’d have a sweet smile spilling over our lips, matching the delight bubbling in our heart. We all wish… to have such beautiful memories. We all hope that our life will be filled with them. But….

Of course, life is not filled with uplifting moments alone. There are times, which we can’t face, even after a decade has passed. Times that stops us from enjoying the beautiful smile from happy moments. A sad ending; breaking-up with loved ones; fighting with your best friend and never talking again; hurtful comments that kills our confidence; a failure that stops us from moving on; worst day with worst accidents… It’s true we will come across these sour situations that will make us dejected. Alone. Depressed. These moments will make us think that God is oppressing us. We will feel neglected and abandoned by God. We will think that there is nothing else, which will put the smile back on our face. But…
Would we really cherish and treasure beautiful moments and the smile it bestows without going through the sour moments?
Would we really enjoy the relief of the drenching water without feeling thirsty?
Would we even look around and think ‘I am lucky to walk in this beautiful trail’ if we haven’t actually walked the hilly trail?
How could we differentiate true delight if there was no gloomy moments to obscure it?
Maybe… These bad moments, they are the ones that make happy moments more meaningful and priceless. Let us enjoy the highs and lows of the life and move past the troubles, to face victory. Because these lows… They are not to weaken you and break you, it is to strengthen you…like how glasses become usable after going through vigorous heat.
Cheers! 🙂 Keep smiling.


© Ada

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