Healthy Child, Happy Life… 

  Healthy the child is, happier his smile would be and the happiest our home would be…


The vitality and the verve of the child is what make them the source of happiness in every important celebration. Of course, I often heard complaints about the naughty little children from their parents and the endless prank they do; but in reality, we do love the mischievous side of the child and treasure every trick they do. If not, why else do we feel sick at heart, when they stop their antics and stay in the bed? If not, why else do we feel as though the sun has lost its brightness, when the kids of our heart stop laughing and start crying?

To me, children are the most beautiful things that Almighty God has created to bless the world with laughter, happiness and they are an eternal source of bliss. Children mean laughter; innocence; and light.

Their chocolate stained cheeks… laughter… sparkling eyes bursting with naughty intentions… Life can’t get much better than being with those little imps. And if they bestowed that one smile to me, willingly, I’d feel like I’ve just grabbed the moon and came back. I can’t define that flash of contentment. It is beyond words. Every little girl and boy I had ever met had given me delirious happiness. A moment of peaceful smile.

But these sources of happiness… what if they fall ill? What if they stop laughing and their eyes held the pain? Of course… we will lose our smile. Spending every moment with them, we would pray that they start destroying things than being the quiet little boy we want.


There is this one boy who is close to my heart and he is two years old. My little nephew. I love him like he is my own kid. The first time I saw him open his eyes, I knew I would always love him. His smile could make me smile even when I was distressed. He instantly makes my life a little brighter; and my smile would become bigger. With him, I have found my profound contentment and realized that the world is striking with children.

So… when I heard that he should undergo a minor surgery in his eyelid, you can’t imagine how I felt. It was a painful feeling. He is so small, so beautiful and I can’t help wonder, ‘why him?’ I can’t accept that he would be in pain.

We all start to pray for his good health. For his return. We want to see him smile. We want him to be his happy self. We want him to be cheerful and doing naughty little things.

This Tuesday (14-10-14), he underwent the surgical procedure to remove the eyelid-lump (some kind of stone on eyelid), we all were eagerly waiting to get our little boy back. When the surgery was done, he was unconscious and was sleeping and the doctors said all went well. We started to smile, slowly again.

When his unconsciousness from anesthetics slowly faded, he opened his eyes and looked straight at the doctor standing in front of him with a tired smile. Then he did something that made all of them laugh. He said, ‘Bye,’ waved his little hands twice, and then promptly fell asleep again.

“Wow, he wants to escape me and the hospital even when he is half-asleep.” The doctor said with a booming laugh. When my cousin told me this event, I can’t help but laugh, as well.

After they transfer him to his room and that was when they crying episode started, including the temper-tantrums. He started to tear the bandages in the eye and all… But once he heard the nurses say that he is alright to go home, he stopped crying, got up from his bed, wore his slippers and started pestering his mom and dad to bring him back home.

When his mom said that she had to pack the baggage before leaving, he started to pack it for her. He pushed all the clothes and things in the bag and then pointed it with a smile, saying it was all ready. He said goodbye to all the nurses and the doctor.

“Yah, yah, you say goodbye with such earnestness…” One of the nurses sighed with a smile.

When we heard these anecdotes, we were falling over each other in laughter. The past burden in our heart, the fear, it all melted like snowdrops and we started to smile again with relief and happiness.

With that in mind… I can say a happy child make our lives happier. Their smile can relieve us of stress, while their tears can drain us. Physical and mental health of the child is necessarily important for a happy home.

I also knew this one child, who is a special kid. His parents are always searching for the best doctors to treat him and keep him healthy, as much as they can. They often wear sad smiles, but whenever he starts laughing or clapping at funny things, their smile would become so much better.

That is what I am talking about… your children’s laughter can make you laugh as well, irrespective of the situation. Their sickness can make you as if you have lost your own smile. When they laugh, your whole family will laugh with them. So… a healthy kid with his sparkling smile is important to light the dark corners of our house and make it a home.

May Almighty God bless us all with healthy, happy children and fill our home with the little stars of happiness.


Dabur Chyawanprash

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