My Home and Haven 

 — A poem dedicated to my Mom.


In your arms, I found my home,


You gave me the strength of goodness,

Along with the morsels of food.

You gave me the will to stand and fight,

Even as you bandaged my scraped knees.


In your steps, I found my way,


You gave me the freedom of choice,

And guided me to choose it with caution.

You gave me the advice to strive and thrive,

Though you stood ready to protect me.


In your words, I found my voice,


You gave me the wisdom to find the right,

And taught me the wrongs as life passed.

You gave me the desire to become,

To become a human and everything best.


Dear Mother,

In your arms, I find my home.

In your steps, I find my ways.

In your words, I find my voice.


You are my home and haven,

My shelter to find rest and peace,

The only Place I want to be —

After a long, tiring journey.


© Ada

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