Wishing for a Time Machine…

I wish I could get a time machine and You and go back in time to enjoy our childhood days, once again. — ♥ Ada.

Life is good, more than good, but sometimes it gets boring and repetitive. At those times, when life becomes a monotonous stretch of miserable moments, I want to go back to my childhood days… Those days when we played with the Barbie dolls, proving our competence with fashion by stitching multiple dresses for the dolls… Learning our hands in making meals using sand, pebbles and odd plants…  baking layered cakes with wet soil and the scraped color paints from our walls (our parents were always scolding us for destroying the freshly painted walls)… Wearing sarees and making a mess out of it… What a days! There was nothing that would dampen our spirits or wipe our smile — except when the Barbie’s long hair would get in a knot 😉

How I wish to have a Time Machine, which could make all my deepest desires come true!


I want to walk along the familiar roads of my hometown — the same way when I was nine hand in hand with my friends, eating everything we came across — a candy here, a chicken puff there (always spicy, and we would eat it with tears)… After a full stomach, walking along the roads, playing silly games without any care and taunting and making fun of the boys playing cricket (Rowdy bunch, we three were). Oh, how I wish I could go back there, get to enjoy those moments again… to cherish. When I look back, I am happy about my life in the past. It was much more brighter than it was now.

When we grew up, we became more matured, decent and with this new spurt of knowledge, we had lost the innocence that once flowed like an eternal stream in us. How I want that innocence, the naivety back!

I miss all those times of pure innocence and endless laughter. I miss sitting in the classroom, hearing nothing that came from my teacher. Playing rock-paper-scissors. Singing old Tamil songs. Eating snacks beneath the desk. School and college were never my favorite places…but friends, yeah, they did make it better. Best, indeed. Those times are still etched deeply in my heart, like a wet smell of the earth after a flooding rain. Life changes, of course, but I want it to change around those days of pleasure.

And then in college — those days when we ate Dosas under the bench after prayer. Missing the classes for canteen and snacks. Fighting for useless things. Surprising our friends with a cake on the birthdays. Licking from friends’ ice-cream, never caring what others think. Nick-naming all the teachers with funny names. Composing a silly song for our gang. Sleeping during the lectures. Playing games during project hours. How much I hated college and studying, I still wish I can get to go back and just be… just be there with my friends. And what we were once — bunch of pranksters.

Life surely did change. A twist and turn of new experiences that I wouldn’t give up for anything… but then, I felt strangely connected with the past than the present. It was just a craving for a dose of childhood memories and innocent laughter. How I wish for that time-machine!


Well, what I am coming to say is…. I rather miss my days of freedom and endless energy with friends and miss my friends, so much so, that I would make a time-machine myself, if I could… or would find H.G. Wells to ask for the details of it 🙂 (But then again, I need a time machine for that!)calvin-and-hobbes-time-machine

Oh! And of course, I want to go to future to bring back my finished manuscript 😉 (Wow, how easy that will be!)


© Ada

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