The Bookworm’s Harbor

The Bookworm’s Harbor 

 — My Own Haven to rest, read and relax.

I am so in love with books. Irrecoverably, eternally in love. Whenever I was given a chance to choose things I want, I would always select it with a reader’s preference. The wish to add more on the corner to make my life – reading life – comfy and cosy and modish.

I have small glass shelves with my modest collections of books and an empty hall that I have been ignoring to decorate for a year since we moved to a new apartment. I have been planning to fill it with something casual, yet chic to give the place a homey, as well as a classy feeling and my desire always leaned majorly towards – of course, beanbag. The beanbag have always my first choice and if I get a chance to do as I please, that will be the first and finest assortment. The bean bags would make the place laid-back as well as sophisticated. Casual and cute and a haven of my own.

So first… I will decorate the long hall with three bean bags strewn carelessly around.  This royal blue of the beanbag would be in perfect contrast with the pastel hue of the peach painted walls of my hall and they – the wall color and the beanbag – would complement each other, very much so. I have no doubt about it and this would fill the place and shoo away empty feeling the hall would often reflect.

Style Homez Denim Football Bean Bag

I can choose one to sit and another to rest my legs as I relaxed with a book during hot summer days, with my small redwood side table containing strawberry shake to quench my thirst. Or a big, creamy chocolate pastry to fill my stomach.

Next I would take anything and everything that would add beauty to my little collections of paperbacks.

The Yellow Door Globe Bookends

So I would choose this classy, silver bookends to add to my shelves of books. Just to add simple appeal to it. The bookends would swank my favorite lists of books on either side, dragging the eyes of everyone towards it with the first glimmer of its silver beauty. If they noted the books they swank, that would be the added bonus.

Now for the last part to make a home out of a corner, just for the book addict in me, I would add this stunning red table lamp on my redwood side table.

Sylvn Studio Rondeur Red Table Lamp


I couldn’t sleep without finishing an opened book (I am not patient enough to wait for the next day) and more often than not, the time would cross midnight. No Cinderella, not me. I will continue to read even past midnight and then some more. So I would switch this night lamp to read in the dark (Very bad for eyes, so please avoid it if you can) without disturbing my snoring hubby ;). For so long, I have been reading with the help of torch lights. So I think this would be a grand addition to the list of things to add in the corner to make my life more easy and comfortable, not to mention stylish.

There…. my own cozy corner is ready for me to read, rest and relax, whenever I wanted!


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