‘Please, Don’t Care!’


Call me Slothful. I deserve it.

Call me useless. I know it is true.

Just call me everything you want —

one day, a waste of time

The other day, a lazy woman,

who has nothing to do.

And then the other day, an indolent bug.

I do loiter time, lazing around,

Just don’t mind the time I spend

To cook. To wash. To keep things

The way it is supposed to be.

I do thicken life with tars of wasted hours,

Just don’t look at the hours I use

To cook again. To care. To love.

I do nothing worthwhile, and, yes,

Reading & Writing? Oh! Who gives a damn,

It is no real job and what a shame.

Call me, an idiot, a nut-job.

And check the dictionary for more words,

Maybe, lazy? Crazy?

Call me every name, and don’t listen to

The silent tears… Dripping

Down my heart,

wordlessly hurt and humiliated.

Call me stupid and

Please, just don’t care!


© Ada

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