Banquet and Borosils 2 — One warm afternoon and one delightful feast with my family... Well. I was surprised when I won the round one, but then, it was short lived, as I have to concentrate on round 2. This meal was prepared by my mommy and me, a harmonious effort and when we sit there and ate with the family, it felt like we were celebrating a success — my success 😉 and I was so happy that everyone loved my borosil hamper.

Now to the pictures…

That is my art on the sauce (Tomato squeeze) 🙂 Well… I am silly like that! IMG_20140802_115902

Rose sauce…

I present you the crunchy and spicy Ribbon Pakora (as I call it) and the soft, mellowy Cashew biscuits… in borosil gourmet dishes. (We made it in the morning and served it with the tea)


That looks pretty and delicate, isn’t it?

Now… To the main course… Ghee Pulao Rice pebbled with cashew and kismis and love in Borosil bake and serve square dish… Worth the calorie, that rice is.


               I drooled on it as I clicked the pic.

Here is my favorite dish… Spicy and yummy Chettinadu Kaadai (a variety of quail — from chicken family) masala with drumstick… in Borosil round dish.


Didn’t it look yummy?

To my second favorite… Deliciously Fried Kaadai (Fried quail) with onion and pepper… in borosil square dish.


I can still feel its taste…

Now… I present Hot Pepper (Mutton) Curry in borosil mixing bowl…


Hot, spicy and addictive.

This one… yah, I can’t think of a better word to describe this, but well, mouth-watering and addictive can do. Layered Dessert with Blackcurrant Jelly, Vanilla Custard and Strawberry jelly with cashew, pistachio and Badam sprinkled atop… in borosil vision glasses. (Umm… have been looking for this type of glasses for the Layer Dessert and when I got, I was on cloud nine)


A perfect ending to the meal!

No meal can end without fruits, at least, it isn’t for me! So here they are!!! (Oops, No borosil for this. Just some old plates had, but want to win something from Borosil to add to my collections 😉 Am I Greedy, or what!)


Fruits… fruits… everywhere… 

That is all I had that afternoon… Here is the entire collection!

IMG_20140802_125536                            IMG_20140802_130732

IMG_20140802_133532                          IMG_20140802_134745

IMG_20140802_134631             IMG_20140802_134633

THE END!!! 🙂 Hope you enjoyed the meal!


This photos are taken for the contest ‘My Beautiful Food’ by BOROSIL.COM, with

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