Relishing Reality – things, which make a difference in my life.

Life is a series of misadventures and miseries. But… no, life doesn’t end at that sad suture. The next day, it will become beautiful enough to relish… Hope… it ignites the darkest corner of the life with its flickering flame.

Yes. My life is not always easy, but with these little pleasures and treasures to spice up my life, to make it splendid, I don’t have that many complaints. Rain or Sun, these little but precious things in life, kept me alive and vibrant. These things… persons… they pushed me on to wear the smile with pride; they prodded me to keep thanking for the blessings splattered in my life..

The innocent smile and the drool stained cheeks: Nothing can outdo a drooling, naughty toddler who traipse past me with a smile that winks like the glorified stars.


Chocolate stained cheeks… Oh my! Life can’t get much better than that one moment. And if they bestowed that one smile to you, willingly, I feel like I have just grabbed the moon and came back. I can’t express that moment of happiness. It is beyond words. But… I love children… their antics… their innocence glowing like the full moon on the darkest night… their twinkling eyes, speaking the world of its own… their singing voice… Every little girl and boy I had ever met, had given me a moment of delirious happiness. A moment of blissful smile.

When I was sad, distressed, I would leaf through the photos in my Tab… the photos of my nephews and nieces. They instantly make my life a little brighter; and my smile became bigger. In those innocent smile, in those glittering pools of happiness, in those drool stained cheeks… I have found a meaning of life. Found my profound contentment and found that… world is striking with children.

Falling head over heels: I fall in love, a million times, with someone… in every single book I read.


The novels, stacked in my tab and in my closet… they are my ultimate destination towards spicing up my life with the colors of rainbow, when it felt dreary and distressful. There is nothing better than a good book on a bad day… is there?! When life felt heavy and irritating, all I do is, close the door and read books. I’d immediately feel the rush of laughter, the sweet pain of love and of course, I’d cry often than not, but even those tears… they made my life a little better. Words are the magic I have always wanted and always had. They bring me to the place where life is beautiful than here and they blessed me with hundreds and thousands of memories that I still relish and remember.

Fighting with my one love:  Small, happy fights with my hubby is my favorite pastime.


Not the serious ones where we stopped talking with each other – but little, meaningless clashes. I hate it when he irritates me, but I love it when we fight for no apparent reason. It keeps my life fascinating and our love, exciting… the feeling of triumph when I won the argument, the same feeling of triumph, when he won one… those moments are exquisite and priceless. They always make the dreary stretch of life into something magnificent and they keep the overpowering hands of loneliness at bay, at times, when I miss my family. So… yes… his love, our fights… they are one way to uplift the usually normal and boring day into something exhilarating. And I do start a fight, just so to make the boring hours to walk away.

Every rainy day and the smiling flowers: The musical thud of the rain drops on the mud… nature’s timeless music.


I love the gentle kisses of the rain on my cheeks… my lips… like a secret lover. Rainy days are the one thing I have coveted for when I was in my home-town, which has low rainfall and rainy days are the only thing that I enjoy immensely now that I have moved to Bangalore. The tap, tap of my feet to the music in my head, the gentle essence of the smell of mating between the rain and the earth… the cold breeze… the tear stained flowers, bobbing its head. Even the miserable days become alive and ticking, vibrant and hopeful when the rain clouds greet me with little tear drops of happiness. When the thunder rolls, when the lightning lit the northern sky, when the small drizzles drip down… my world become open to a new song, a new music, and my lips would always… always pull up in that smile, which beat every miserable feelings down. Rain… rain… again and again. Sometimes, my neighbours would laugh at me enthusiasm, and my eagerness to greet rain, to kiss it back… but the rainy days and the smiling flowers it would bring along… It add charm to my boring life

Addictions that add spirit: I am addicted to social media, chocolates and friends who bring meaning to my life.


I spend arguably more amount of time in different social media, chatting, gossiping, fighting and arguing with my friends. Those friends who stay in our life, though time had run a marathon… those friends who still can make us laugh… those connections give boost to my life. Add zest and zeal to the normal days that looks murky. And chocolates… without them, my life and this list wouldn’t get completed. They are my best friends, just as best as the human ones 😉 No day can end without the chocolates melting in my tongue… I am addicted to chocolate and chocolates, to me. It is a two way connection, that will last a lifetime. Of that I am sure…

These little relaxations and indulgences… the books, the chocolates, the fights, the friends, the rainy days and the beautiful babies… they are common in life. But they are what add color to the white canvas of my life and make it a beautiful art.


© Ada

2 thoughts on “Relishing Reality :)

  1. After a long time, I felt very happy reading ur post..happy for u bud. Ahn that babies thing… l love my nephews nd nieces too..they r my children just nt frm my womb. . I envy about tat rain 😉

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