Black is the new colorful

                  — A peek through my Wish-list. 

Black is the new colorful. Really. Black is sleek, elegant and inconspicuous. It fits everyone, just right. It is chic, neat and it is trendy. And this is such a perfect title for me to write… because I am obsessed with black… that my mom often had one, same response whenever I buy something, ‘Can’t you select some other color other than black…’ but no. I go for black… every single time. Because… well, my love for it is wordless.

If I wanted a new mobile or a tablet… black- check and then I would go for the brand. (And one time, I was going to choose white, because a friend of mine said so, but fortunately for me, the white was sold-out ;))

If I wanted a new slippers, or heels… black – a must and I will follow that with height, brands and all.

A new specs? – Black frame…

A new tote? – Black with any other color.

The lists go on and my love for black is endless. It had started at a young age; the desire to look discreet had started the passion for black. But now… black had stayed even after the desire to stay low-key had vanished. Black stayed, like the residual feeling for the first lover. Black stayed… because, black is the magic.

I hate to look like a proud peacock, strutting its colors. Black, unlike other colors, is decent, polite and humble, or it is to me.

And here I open my wish-list and let you all in…

Nikon Coolpix L30 Point and Shoot camera (To keep moments alive): It’s been on my wish list, on my dreams way longer. I know nothing about cameras, but I have this urge to own one for a long time and I will… as soon as possible.


Black-Magic! TADA!! Remembers memories with colors!!!

When I walk along the lush green lanes, and see the beautiful sun painting the blue sky with the magnificent palette of colors with her nimble fingers; when I unexpectedly stumble upon a cute kid who have chocolate stains on the cheeks and innocent smile on her/his face; when I found the vibrant butterfly, fluttering, resting atop an equally vibrant Chrysanthemum; when the world has turned dark and the silver thread of moon pours over the lake like a molten platinum; the first drop of rain kissing the green leaves and velvet flowers… well… I’ve stumbled upon many such wordless and beautiful moments and the only regret I have is never capturing them to keep those memory alive and thrumming. So… I want a camera, nothing bigger… for I am no photographer. I am just an eager bystander, passing through life, with the desire to pack the moments that make my life more interesting with a single shot and keep it boxed to leaf through, later, when I feel depressed and started to think life is ugly. Because… I want to keep my beautiful moments alive and want to think Life is beautiful, always, even at the strike of calamity.

A charm Bracelet (To wear with style): Who doesn’t love the daily fashion items and how can I be a girl without falling for cute jewelleries? Of course, I love jewelleries… but I admit, I hate gold.


Charming and Darling, isn’t she? Perfect fit!

And my granny’s constant grumbling includes my hatred towards gold and how I don’t wear any. For one, I hate its glitter and I am dark… so the gold and my skin… it is an absolute contrast, fighting against each other and never an easy blend. I go for dull gold these days and choose the cut in such a way that it matches me. Hmm… that’s the story for another day. Now… look at this beauty ‘Crunchy Alloy charm bracelet’. I fell head over heels for this chic bracelet when I laid my eyes on it and now it is in my ‘Imminent wish list – buy it or die’ 😉 And why I want this so bad… because it can blend ceremoniously with my skin tone and add cuteness to my wardrobe and it is so… absolutely neat and sophisticated, fit enough to wear everyday and stylish enough to use on special occasion.

Tote Bag (A bag to flaunt): When I came back from Bangalore, my sister was flaunting this absolutely beautiful tote bag by Kanvas Katha. And yah… I included it in my wish list not a second later.


                                                        Girly and Rebellious. Just the right mixzz…    

I travel from Bangalore to my hometown often and a tote will be a valuable inclusion of my travel luggage (I can keep a lot of things in tote. It is tall and wide) – not that I already didn’t have bags, but what the heck. I want reasons to buy this.

Look at the cutie… she is dark, handsome and she is black. She is the perfect combo of girly and rebel. If I ever want to say shut-up to someone, I will delicately lift my tote and flash it to them. And pack her till she brims, for my travel. Tote, you will be an addition to my baggie-family soon. I promise.

A Journal (To jot down when the creativity flows): I have many virtual journals, but nothing physical.


        Chic and Mystic… A beauty to write down!

At times, when my brain squeezes creative juices and when my finger itches to write down, I want to have something tangible, like a real notepad, instead my Tab’s touch-screen panel. And that is where this one comes in… its scrawled letters, the Chinese symbols and the musical symphony – it is absolutely stunning and attractive. I want to own this spiral bound, just to remove the itch from my fingers and to capture thoughts that vanish before I can type it on my Canvas Tab. Jot… jotting, writing… I’d love to have this.

Ultimate Wish (A desire that burns): Did I trick you all into believing that I am an absolutely practical person, who lives on the real world and ignore the tempting kisses of the fantasy (I love fantasy. I am a writer!!!). Okay, don’t feel cheated… but my last wish consists of something bigger. Ostentatious even.

download (6)Sexy as sin… Love At First, and every next sight!

It is an elegant, black BMW. Of course, I may become gray and wrinkled before I can even dream about having one… but wishes are powerful. Wishes may come true, if we work hard towards it. Won’t it…? So I am working forward to this ultimate wish in my list, that may or may not come true, but I will keep believing the positive. Look at him… isn’t he sexy? Drool-worthy? Which women wouldn’t drool over him, if he runs past you, tempting you like the poisoned apple? Umm, *coughs* the car, I mean, is beautiful.

That’s not at all… I have a long-long list; but since they asked for five, I’ll be a good girl and stop it at that!


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4 thoughts on “Black Is The New Colorful

  1. That bracelet!!! Oh my oh my oh my! It is so beautiful!
    And what you wrote about gold, for a sec, I wondered whether this was my post. It sounded so much like myself. I too don’t like gold and my grandmom is sad about it. 😀


    1. Grannies and their desire to flaunt their grand-daughters like they are posing for Gold-jewellery ads… That is an endless torture 😉 isn’t it!?
      🙂 That bracelet… I drools over her, as well


  2. I never thought about buying a camera before… but now, you stupid girl brought that desire in me…by describing so much.. and that tote bag is good too. In Shaa Allah I’m gonna look for one after going back..:-)


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