Banquet and Borosils — perfect mix of delight and grandeur 

A night of stepping closer to the splendor offered by delicious food and delicate glassware. 

Long corridor with red carpet to welcome you in. Yes, you… Hanging up from the ceiling are the Borosil Diya Lights, made of pure glass, blinking at you like lost golden stars, putting you at ease as you walk in.

The first thing that get your attention is the wafting aroma of Cardamom, clove and other species swirling in the air around, dancing a hypnotic waltz closer to your nostrils, instantly activating all your tastebuds. You take a sniff and then another just to please your sense of smell and the suddenly grumbling stomach. Yeah… you can’t wait to dig in.

The setting is delicate and beautiful. Long redwood table sit there, welcoming you with its splendour and the large offerings sitting atop it. A lone piano sings at the background. A tall Borosil Silver Tea Lamp with shimmering outer glass stand in the middle, surrounded by the small decorative Diya lights. All golden. All blinking. Just like the lost stars. The air is thick with the smell of food and the night around you is full of laughter and cheer. A good place to be. You close your eyes, open it and look at the long buffet table filled with delights.

A glass square dish sit in the side, tempting you with something in it. You grab a Borosil Melamine Blossom plate – white, painted with artfully twisted branches with orange blossoms blooming— a matching spoon and step closer to the banquet table. Alert. Attentive. Yeah, finally. You cheer. Luck is not on your side, though!

“Hi.” That is your distant relative. You give her a small nod. God, I need to eat now, you say to yourself as the woman step closer to you. Her plate is already empty. You spend ten minutes with her, sharing useless tidbits and finally she walks away, leaving you to your babies… food. So much of it.

In the melamine bowl is deep-fried cauliflower – it looks golden – with red chilli sauce. The appetizer is appetizing enough, so you take a large scoop and bit into the golden fries, and feel the hot, watery taste of cauliflower and red chilly exploding behind your tongue. When it is over, you walk over for the main course.

You look into the transparent square dish and find it filled with Saffron rice. The smell of butter and cream is too strong to snub. Too much calories, but who cares… definitely not you, not today. You serve yourself a hefty servings of saffron rice and look around to find the perfect side dish. In small oval glassware is Chicken Shahi Korma floating in thick cashew gravy, richly decorated with green herbs. You take a scoop of it and walk aside, standing next to a tall tree with hanging lamps.

Breeze sweep past you as you take the boneless chicken, dip it in the spicy cashew cream, carefully cooked with herbs and mild spices. It attacks your senses, all five of them, as you bit into the chicken with care. You chew and then follow it with a spoonful of Saffron rice. Cream and butter, opulent and adding extra taste to the red, long rice fill your already filled senses with more feelings.

Next Borosil flat bowl contains garlic naan fried in butter, neatly folded with a carved tomato rose on the top. Enticing you like a forbidden pleasure. Gently unfolding the naan, you place it in your plate, and find the Paneer Butter Masala next to it in an oval crystal bowl. The Paneer, thick, succulent, floating in the heavy orange gravy, is adorned with rosemary sprinkled on top of it, with long red chilli peppers. You take a glass ladle and get your scoop of side dish for the naan. As you step aside, you find your friend and go next to her as you start talking about the beautiful night and beautiful food.

Your friend answers to your doubts about the glassware and the bowls. She says they are from and they deliver them at the doorstep. You express your surprise, and then start eating your food.

The third course is a prawn dish in a crystal borosil china, drenched in Chinese sauce, with small half boiled noodles floating around. You pick a small square bowl and add the scoop of the prawns in the bowl. With a melamine spoon, you took a bite and feel the hot, stingy sauce bursting to different flavour. Within a moment, it is long gone, you rub your stomach with a content smile. It is already too full, but you decide to take a chance and pick a flat oval dish filled with golden brown Gulab Jamun. Sprinkled with cardamom, cashew and pistachio. Swaying gently in the gold sugar syrup. You take a ladle and add another, the smell of ghee tantalizing you with its aromatic smell. When you bite it, you can feel the saccharine sweetness of the sugar and the floury taste of the Jamun, all blended in a nice mix.

When it is over, your friend hand you a borosil bowl with strawberries – rich, red, juicy berries – with the sprinkles of honey and cream at the side, drizzled with dry grapes. You say you have enough, but you have to eat, for you friend presses you to do so. But when you eat it… the juice dripping down your chin, added with the unique blend of honey, you are happy that you accepted it. Licking your lips, you take another fresh bite and fall in love with strawberries and honey, all over again.

That is it, you say to yourself, but another friend of yours hand you a glass of juice in a clear-cut Borosil Canard tumbler and the glass, vibrant and sloshing with fresh squeeze of lemonade make you thirsty for it. So you pick a cube of ice, drop it down, stare at the beauty and take your gulp of lemonade and feel the fresh sting of lemon on your tongue.

When it is all over, you walk away, with a pleasant smile, and the address of the caterer and the web address from where they buy the glasses, bowls and dishes.

That is, you decide, the best wares you have ever stumbled upon and can’t wait to order some for you, for the next gathering at your home. You contemplate the beauty of the dishes and the splendour it would add to the table settings.

“How is the party?” When your mom/dad/husband/wife asks, you can’t stop the smile splitting on your face or the praise for the food and the bowls slipping of your lips.

“It’s a grand banquet fit for the Kings and the Queens and the delicate wares make it grander.”


 This post is written for the contest ‘My beautiful food’ conducted by, in collaboration with

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