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When Words Barge in…


‘When Words Barge in’

Dear Diary,

I want to sleep on time. I do. Early to bed and early to rise is what my parents taught.

But… These words… they play a naughty game with me and my head. It comes to me, fast and strong, like a feral wind only when the clock strikes twelve. Ting. Tong. And with a Bong, arrives the words. Rushed, and I keep thinking about how to inscribe these in my mind (my laptop and diary will be far away to reach, most of the times) and remember them by the day… and then before I know… the time ran a swift marathon and tick…tock… reminds the clock… that I have to sleep and not keep thinking.

Stop, words, I love you. But, this is not the time or the place 😉 


Ps. Oh. And now it is 1:20 and it is one of those days I have YOU with me.


Prompt: Sleepy Time



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