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How I Won The Love Deal



‘How I Won The Love Deal’


Book Details:


Title: How I Won The Love Deal

ISBN-13: 9788192969237

Pages: 370

Genre: Romance, Young Adult Fiction

Formats: mobi, epub and pdf

Price: $.99

Stores: AmazonGoogle PlayScribd



Making a deal with an arrogant guy is difficult. Making a love deal with the same? It is complicated.  Here are the few pointers to win a deal, with your ex-childhood best friend.

  1. Cook for him and make sure it’s a mess. If it makes him sick, all the better.

  2. Buy him a gift. It is better if it is something really cuddly.

  3. Ignore him completely, when he starts to notice you.
  4. Go on a date with the new guy and get caught while you’re trying to kiss

  5. And finally, get yourself kidnapped.

His heart, body and soul will be yours to keep.

As Liana tries to make Asher fall for her, just so she can humiliate him, she realizes she isn’t the right person for the job. She needs the help of her friends and a little bit of luck. But what she needs most is restraint; the love deal has more fine print than she gambled for.

Excerpt from the book:


“What are you wearing? People don’t dress like this on a date.” It was Asher.

“I want to kill him.” I muttered before turning back to look at the front door.

It was a surprise that he was home. He spent most of his time with different girls, who he‘d change constantly like they were his selection of shirts.

“Too bad! You can’t.” He replied, to my utter irritation. I wanted to punch him and see the blood trailing down his nose. He made me angry like no one else ever had and to say that I had loved him once. The irony of life…

His family and mine – we were close. Literally. Our houses were next to each other‘s and we shared a huge garden. And to top it all off, our moms were best friends. Our dads were business partners. And yes, our brothers and our sisters were best friends too.

As for Asher and I, we hated each other with equal passion.

We fought over lots of silly things when we were young, but we got back just as fast. Because whatever it was, Liana and Asher were best buddies back then.

I started to hate him when he turned from a nice person – my best friend—to one of those arrogant jerks at our school. I started to hate him when he pushed me out of his life for only one reason – popularity and fame. OK, make that two.

I remembered that day clearly – like it was videotaped in my brain. It was early in the morning and the white wisps of mist enshrouded the garden. I was waiting for him. We went to school together, EVERYDAY. That day, he didn’t turn up. That was the first blow to our relationship.

Then I saw him hanging out with all the jocks and the cheerleaders, which was the second strike. I waved at him and he didn’t even nod back, which was the third strike and he was out! No, it didn’t happen quite that fast, but you get the idea.

Finally, I just decided to get rid of him from my life. It was not easy then and not easy now, but I have learnt to pretend. I’ve learnt to mask my true feelings and get on with it.

After wearing the mask continuously, I don’t even remember my true self anymore, but I love this. This way no one can hurt me; no one can look clearly into my soul and have any power over me.

I don‘t know why exactly he had stopped being my friend. I have some theories, the simplest being: I was not pretty enough to fit right in with the popular girls.



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Thanks. XOXO, Ada Wiam.


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