Wedding Night

'Wedding Night' The smell of mating, Subtly overcoming the Scent of Lilacs, And crisp linen drenched With red and passion, With love and promise. Today they start anew, Towards Forever. ~~~

Free of Burdens

'Free of Burdens' Wash your lies, Away with Cleansing truths. Find that wave Of honesty, And a way To float. Free of burdens. Don't let those Lies drown you. ~~~ Prompt: Cleansing Truth © Fathy_writes

Harvesting A Lover’s Soul

'Harvesting A Lover's Soul' The silver glint the of moon in the shadowy night, Lying in the dark grave, wishing for the sun light, Hands of the roots reaching to get my ruined heart, Colorless flowers rest beside, dry as a broken art, Sobs expired long ago; trails of tear has vanished, Mind numb, dead;…