photo by: Sue Fulton, North Carolina, USA

When Women Waken…

Books By Women is a journal, completely for women writers. If you’re good at making thought-provoking poetries, or can paint the world with your brush, or can capture the moment with the lenses, you should take a visit there. You won’t regret.

If they select your work, they will feature it in the edition… No payment, though. But credits are enough, aren’t they? Each edition have a theme. Like Grief, Home, Power, Knowing… and it goes on.


The people there (both writers and editors) are truly amazing. They take time to read and encourage. It gives me such a pleasure to publish my poetry on when women waken journal.

The site is rich with words and pictures– including prose, poetry, art and photography.

Take a look at the journal, take some free time to comment on the creative people there. It is really beautiful and something to spend your beautiful time on. The link to the magazine is here: When Women Waken…


A/n: My poetry was featured on books by women – When Women Waken, spring Issue 2014, under theme ‘POWER.’ It was a beautiful day and a beautiful feeling when I got the acceptance.

Ada Wiam – True to the word. – and do read my poem and tell me your thoughts.

Eager to hear what's in your mind :)

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