The lasting connection, the one

That bonded you and I, together,

When it shattered before the end,

The killin’ spasm of agony,

The splurge of the blood – your blood,

When you cried for a saving,

Baby, it hurt me, too.

To dismember. To remove the remains,

Because your silent tears, O’ it hurt me.

Life, once filled with your little tugs,

Felt empty. Uninhibited.

I, a broken sculpture, with no remedy.

For a long time, that wisp of

Darkness, overwhelming –

Its arms open, welcomed me in.

Insanity, like the favorite drug,

Addictive and alluring; easy to inhale.

Forced me to succumb.

Sorrow – the bloodthirsty vampire,

Fangs, hollowed eyes. Grabbed,

Sucked me, empty. Empty of joys.

Falling, deep down the abyss,

Bottomless and dark,

I think this is it. The end.

Then the next day, there’s light.

You, my angel, you stand at the end,

White, crowned with a halo. Exquisite.

Those little lips, the one I can never kiss,

Pulled up. You sang a little song,

In that lilting voice, you sang,

Mommy, this time tomorrow,

I will be in the heaven.

Happy and looking down at you,

Mommy, this time tomorrow,

I will be close to the rainbows, moon

And the sun. With the Angels,

Mommy, this time tomorrow,

I will be eternal. Alive in your heart.

And, you’ll be alright. You should be.

I was happy I get to see you

One last time, and baby,

This time tomorrow, I’ll be alright.

Dedicated to you,

My Honey,

I miss you, I do.


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