'Flawed' Sketch me as I am, Broken nose, slanted eyes, Flaws and all. You can't change Even a dot, For this is me, and I will never be Anything else. ~~~ Prompt: Sketch me as I am ©Fathy_writes


  'Absolution'   The first time he had opened his eyes, Meera had fallen in love. In coming years, the connection was bonded with enough glue that she was sure nothing could separate her from him. Emotionally, at least. She thought that her son would always look at her like she was his hero. She…

Reborn as a Mother

'Reborn as a Mother'   The rough blades of pain, Tearing through her. Full of agony and screams, Yet she smiles With tears. When I born, she grins, Serene, So in love, with me. for She is reborn as well, as A mother... ~~~ Prompt: Reborn © Ada